So, this page would be the one that describes me..but what can I tell you about me that are worth knowing? I'm born in 1978 and I live in a suburb called Haninge, about 25 minutes south of Stockholm, Sweden. I passed the final hurdle in collage 2008 and have now a fancy degree; "Master degree of education with a intercultural profile". In plain english, Im a teacher :) So far it has only been substitute teaching but I've learnt very much from it. I hope I will be able to be a mediateacher someday. But with todays jobmarket - who knows where I will end up?

   I have been in the modelhorsehobby since 2001. One of my biggest intrests is to paint so the concept to start painting modelhorses wasn't a big step. I'm the editor for the swedish modelhorse societys newsletter "Modellhästnytt" (Modelhorse news) and have done this since Ive joined the Swedish Modelhorse society. Another of my intrests are in designing webpages so if you are in the need of one, let me know - Im sure we can work something out. The webpage layout information can be found HERE. I also like to roleplay and I do so on a forum called Unicorns of the Vale. It's lots of fun and also involves some creative thinking as well as drawing unicorns (one of my favorite fantasycritters).

   One of my biggest joys in life, exept painting models and such, is my weimaraner Qelly (b.2004). In the pic to the right she is just 3 months old (cute ey?). She is now a swedish bloodtacking champion and we did our best showing with mixed results. We have'nt gone to any shows lately since I've seen that Qelly don't think it is fun anymore, but that is ok - I already know I have the worlds greatest dog ;)

Take care,