Decor Show - where the winners circle is our Decor

:bulletblue: Animals can be of any age or breed to compete
:bulletblue: Unnatural breeds are welcome, but they can not use any powers in any class and have their own division (see below).
:bulletblue: Horses do not have to be HARPG registered to compete.
:bulletblue: All entries MUST be FULL BODY.

:bulletblack: Entry submissions are accepted from Feb 10 until May 31th.
:bulletblack: All artwork must be your own! NO LINE ART! NO PRE EXISTING IMAGES!
:bulletblack: Photobackgrounds may be use as background, but a BG made by you is worth more points.
:bulletblack: Training pictures, Stories and random event enjoyment images will give more points.
:bulletblack: All art must be coloured, flat colours are allowed, but shading is preferred (it will give you more points).
:bulletblack: List all references you use, and make sure to credit references and stock.
:bulletblack: You can make both digital and traditional pictures for this show.
:bulletblack: Judging will be based on effort put in to your entry and a random generator will be used for tie breakers.
:bulletblack: Entries are to be submitted by note
:bulletblack: Don't complain or fight with anyone associated with this event, it's all for fun.
:bulletblack: Feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions
:bulletblack: HAVE FUN.

To pre-register, NOTE ME with this form, please. Comments with registerinfo will be ignored, question will (of course) be answered..

Class(es) entered:
Name: (with link to reference)
Name of Rider/Handler:

I will reply back with an entry number - this number must be shown on either your horse's bridle or the rider.
When entering, please put this form in the picture description box (as well as a link back to the showjournal):

Class(es) Entering:
Name of horse: (with link to reference)
Name of Rider/Handler:

Basically, entries are given a base 20 points to start. A large number of factors can increase or decrease the value of the entry according to the severity of the infraction or the exceptional excellence of a particular piece. Key Points: Realism, Attention to Detail & Effort.

I will be judging based on effort (mostly!), with being used to discover if your horse make "mistakes" in the arena (for luck/badluckrolls = "points"). You will gain points based on both effort and the RNGs. It will work in such way that I will let the RNG Gods "choose" first for a luckroll as in you getting extra points (1-6p) and the other "roll" will be the badluckroll symbolizing if your horse makes an error in the arena or on track. Therefore half is down to chance, but the more effort put into your entry the better chance you have of counteracting anything bad coming from the RNGs!

Extra points may be earned by:
- Drawing a training picture(s) (black/white or sketchy: +1p, color: +2p)
- Writing a story (points depending on many things, dont worry about spelling errors etc - more important with a good flow and a good storyline)
- Drawing a detailed background/detailed shading (+5p)
If two entries each have an equal endscore, the RNGs will be employed to tiebreak.

Additional Information
- There is no deadline for pre-registration.
- The end date is May 31st. If I do not get enough entries by that time, the deadline will be extended.

Working on them.
You feel like donating or sponsoring a class with prices? Note me!

You are welcome to enter any equine so this show is open for horses, donkeys, mules (really any horsehybrid). As "fantasy" I mean any created HARPG breeds that have unnatural or natural colors, breeds with “gifts” (from potions etc), horns, wings, etc.) For those please state a #F in front of the classnumber.

ie. For a warmblood in class 1:
Class entered: 1 Wacky Warmblood
For a Disturbed Nightmare in class 1:
Class entered: F1 Weird Dream

Class 1: Sidesaddle - read about it here
A) English Sidesaddle
The rider wears ordinary breeches or jodhpurs, over which she will wear the apron, which can partially open in the back. The jacket is usually cut a bit longer than a standard riding jacket. A vest, shirt, choker or stock tie, gloves, boots and riding breeches are similar to those used when riding astride. For classes on the flat, a derby or top hat is traditional. When jumping, however, tradition gives way to safety and most riders use a modern equestrian helmet.
B) Western Sidesaddle

Riders generally wear a western-styled apron with belt, worn over some type of breeches or pants, but a modified two-leg chaps design in leather or ultra suede is sometimes seen, though not legal in some types of competition. Western riders usually wear a short bolero-style jacket that matches the apron or skirt, often with elaborate decoration, gloves, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. A variation to western-style sidesaddle riding is to wear Spanish or Mexican style regalia, often based on historic designs.

C) Historic Sidesaddle
Your chance to dress up in pretty dresses. Dresses should be inspired by those used in the Victorian era.

Class 2: Harness racing - read about it here

A) Trotting
B) Pacing
C) Monté

Class 3: Flat racing - read about it here

A) Thoroughbred
B) Stockhorse
C) Arabian
D) Pony

Class 4: Haute École ("Airs above the ground") - read about it here

A) Courbette
B) Capriole
C) Levade
D) Ballotade

Class 5: Equestrian vaulting - read about it here

A) Individual
B) Pair
C) Team (3 in the team)

Class 6: Gymkhana - read about it here Patterns of most of the below games can be seen here.

Here you must create a team of 4 riders. Since I don’t want you fall down exhausted you don’t have to draw each team member doing the same thing. Instead you draw each rider doing one of these events (i.e. just one of each "race"). So in total you make 4 pictures for this class. This class also allows collaboration with another person, if you do it is VERY important that is clear who have made what and what team they all belong too. Feel free to name your team!!
A) Flag Race - A flag is placed in a gallon can of sand and centered on a barrel on the turn line. Contestants race around barrel, pick up the flag and race to the finish line with the flag in hand.
B) 4 in a Row - Contestants ride behind each other, weave the poles, around outside of barrel pattern and weave back through the poles. Last rider must completely circle the last pole before crossing finish line.
C) Western Jumping - Contestant races to jump, jumps over jump, weaves poles down, turns last pole, weaves poles back, and jumps the jump before crossing finish line
D) Bareback Egg and Spoon race - Ride at with an egg on a spoon bareback w/o dropping the egg.

Class 7: Halter
Please state Foal/Mare/Stallion/Gelding when you sign up - I might split the classes up (and Im will go faster for me if you say what "division" it is right away). A foal under 6 months of age can be shown in liberty halter with its dam, it is however only the foal that will be judged. The same goes if the mare have foal at her side, she can be shown in liberty but its only the mare that will be judged.
A) With Handler
B) Liberty (feel free to add music)