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Please read all rules before submitting a breeding request! The form is linked above (googleform). No requests will be accepted by e-mail or the contact form. You will in these cases be directed towards the correct form. To request a breeding YOU MUST ALSO INCLUDE THE WORD HOPSCOTCH IN YOUR FORM TO PROVE YOU READ MY RULES!

    • You may not say that you've got a foal bred from my horses without my permission.
    • All breedings are free. I only do e-mail breedings, and I offer breeding certificates in Google doc format. That way you can chose what format to download it as. You wont need a google account for this.
    • You may only submit five (5) breeding requests at one time. After you have received confirmation that your first five breedings have been completed (or on rare occaisions, refused), you may submit more requests.
    • All of my horses are aging. Mares may only have one foal per year, and are open for years noted. I will try to keep the mares' open years updated, but you may wish to have a backup foaling year when requesting a breeding, just in case your preferred year has already been taken. Even if you will have your horse non-aging you need to submit a birthyear. Twins may be allowed in a case to case basis.
    • Line-breeding is acceptable. Very close in-breeding is not. If you feel you really must breed between parents & their offspring, or full siblings, e-mail me with an explanation of what you hope to acheive with such a cross and I might think about approving it.
    • Many real horse breeds have rules and traditions governing what you may name your foal. I strongly encourage that you follow these traditions. Some of them I will be lenient on, but others are grounds for your breeding request being refused should they be ignored. Regarding the swedish breeds I happy to give suggestions in case you want help with a swedish/scandinaviansounding name. The site is also a good help.
    • I try to follow the laws of equine color genetics as well as I can, and I request that you do, too. The easiest way to do this is make sure that at least one of the parents is the same color as the foal. If you have any questions on whether or not a certain combination of parents can produce a particular color, feel free to ask. I may not know the answer, but I'll be happy to find out!
    • All of my horses trace to real bloodlines. Real horses are indicated by "-r" after their names. I do use Breeding Stock Only/Details Only (identities that do not currently have model bodies) horses. Be assured, however, that BSO/DO horses are not created indiscriminately, nor are they "made up". All of my horses are researched very carefully, from pedigree to name, whether or not they have a model body at the moment. I accept BSO breedings as well.
    • I would very much like a picture of your foal to use in get/produce classes if you give it a model. Let me know if you have scanned pictures I can download, or if you'd be willing to send me an actual photo or a good color copy. Pictures of all Décors horses are not yet available, but I will be rectifying that situation as soon as possible.
    • You must provide the the 'secret word' (see top of text) as proof you have read these rules.