Welcome to the world of the Drabardi Donkey

The Drabardi Donkey is mainly thought as a fun longear add-on for your present HARPG. Eventually you will also be able to play with it on it's own on the "Drabardi Island". That part of the game is of june 2018 not yet released (pending interest in the group). All the starter/custom HARPG donkeys are imported from this island.You can also use the Drabardi Donkey for any type of group activities, roleplays and/or of course for your personal OC:s. Only thing required is credit back to the breeds DeviantArt group.

The Team behind it

At the moment its only me "Decors" that is the one running things so bare with me if things are going slow. I had some people to help me with part of the things in the group and I thought they deserved a short info presentation even though they are no longer an active part in the process. Mostly its just a short a presentation on what that person have done and a link back to their DeviantArt page (click the alias). All pages will open in a new window.


'Decors' - Myself! I begun working with this breed way back in 2009, at that time offline but the group have been on DeviantArt (<- link will take you to the Drabardi Donkey group on Deviantart) since 2012, however in the begining pretty dormant. In late 2016 I decided I HAD to finish it enough so others could join in. It is a slow process to say the least (especially with a brain like mine that think of new things and redo other things - all the time).

If this will evolve to something more than what first was planned, and beyond what I hoped it would be will be fun to see. Only time will tell. My main goal is that this breed is to be free, as in not a breed to make money out of that seem to be very common among some ARPGs nowadays.

Dare to be the donkey among horses!

A special thank you to our 'Ass-ets'

The Illustrators

What would a 'ARPG' be without actual art to illustrate things? While I have done many of the illustrations to this group, Ive been very fortunate to have reccived some help from friends.They are noted below - thank you guys - for big and for small - I couldn't have done this without you!

- Made the beautiful import donkey linearts, as well as many other pieces and what would the breed be without it? "Pip" has also been one of the strong supporters and there arent enough 'thank you's' to be said for that support.

- Made two of our stunning backgrounds, one of them being the one you can see above, the so called "Wild" background.

- Ebbarie created for example the beautiful illustrations for one of the predators of the island, the Catamount.