How to get a Drabardi Donkey?

The Drabardi donkey is a semi-closed ARPG donkey breed. The ways stated below are the only ways to get one.


- Find two donkeys that are open and approved for breeding and ask the owners for permission to breed your own Drabardi. Or obviously if you have your own donkey ready and set already - search for a good mate for it - unless you have that as well. Look at the 'Breeding' journal for more information or the information here. The dA journal has the short information and the webpage is more indepth.


- From other members in the Market folder that have donkeys for sale. Here you can also find things for trade or things people wants.

Adonkee Center

- From the Adonkee Center. Here you can find previously wild/caught donkeys from the island that are open for adoption. These are open for art and lit based submissions. Look at the centers own page for more information.


- Sometimes you can win a nice donkey with more unusual markings in a contest.

Galbi coin

- From achieving a Galbi coin and use that to pay for a custom.


- Rarely more special customs will be for sale, most likely for points to pay for the groups Supergroup status. But you can at all time 'buy' so called "Blank Customs" - ie donkeys with no markings at all using the game currency DP. You are only allowed to create two free Blank customs.

Time in the group

- You will earn one of these 'Blank customs' (or rather the value of one) each new RL year (Jan 1st) you have been in the group. You will need to have registered a "treasure chest" to be able to reccive this.