Types of competition


One of the Drabardis stronger skills are it's great stamina and speed, and while it can't really match the speed of a thoroughbred it is fast compared to many other longears. Therefore the Drabardi HARPG group promotes these talents even if contests are held in other disciplines as well. Unlike thoroughbreds Drabardi donkeys is never seen in starting gates but instead they begin the race from a 'standing start' so it's always good to have a donkey and rider that is quick and responsive.

  • Racing, flat: Speed + Gait + Wit
  • Racing, steeplechase: Speed + Gait + jumping
  • Endurance: Endurance + Speed

Dressage, jumping, cross country, (= eventing) & hunter

If one would compare the Drabardi with let's say a sporthorse (warmblood) it's easy to say right off the bat that the donkey will never be like the sporthorse/warmblood in miniature. However the Drabardi, for what it is - can master the same things - just not 'the same way'. That being said, competitions are still held in these events.

  • Dressage: Dressage + Gait
  • Showjumping: Jumping + Wit
  • Cross Country: Jumping + Endurance + Wit
  • Hunter, flat work: Dressage + Gait
  • Hunter, over fences: Dressage + Jumping


This is another event where the Drabardis main skills can come out and shine, perhaps due to its history as a 'beast of burden'. It is stronger than its size give it credit for and if it get a little dollied up, it can make a pretty animal in front of a cart. It is a strong and reliant partner on your farm. If treated with respect and kindness you have someone who won't give up on the task.

  • Carriage Pulling: Strength + Gait
  • Log pulling: Strength + Wit


On the island the Drabardi is used to herd both the cattle and the sheep, and while it can't dodge and roll like a QH it does it well for a longear. A welltrained cutting donkey have no problem sorting out the stock you want sorted.

  • Cutting: Wit + Dressage
  • Reining: Speed + Endurance
  • Barrel racing: Speed + Endurance
  • Western Pleasure: Dressage + Gait


If your donkey (or you) aren't so competitive and is more of a companion perhaps halter is for you. It's still a type of competition but here the donkeys temperament is what counts as well as gaits.

  • Halter/Liberty: Temperament + Dressage + Gait

Trick riding/Mounted games

  • Trick Riding: Temperament + Wit + Dressage
  • Mounted Games: Temperament + Speed + Dressage

How the contests are run

The group contests are always run with effort and character development first in mind, RNG is just a tiny bit involved - call it a luck roll if you will, giving you a chance of 1-5 points extra.

In racing you can see it getting that opening by the rail, in dressage is like really nailing one of the movements, in jumping getting a turn on the inside of a jump (ie cutting corners) a little bit better than everybody else.

The contests are of the 'semi-ongoing' kind meaning that it is sort of run two ways, the first way is that as soon as the minimum numbers of participants is met, the competition will be held. However, sometimes the activity can make it so some has to wait perhaps months for a show to be judged just because not many others enter. Therefore that if no more enteries have been placed 2 weeks after the last entery - the show will be run anyway. Whatever 'spots' that are still vacant will be filled with 'NCP HARPG' donkeys. The wont have any artpoints obviously nor training points, but for each of these spots they need to fill, they will get one point in one of their stats. Hopefully this will make things more fun and no more classes of just 1 or 2 in them.
You can't enter the same 'class' with the same donkey until the previous one is judged. You can enter max 2 donkeys owned by you in the same class.

  • The minimum of contestants are: 3 (for now)
  • Prizes will be skill points, ingame currency + ribbons.
The point sheet is the same one that was used for the extreme makeover.

It's a little about family too

Some dont care and some love the 'breeding the best with the best' to get something (hopefully) even better. They just want the bling of a cool coat. However, the better a donkeys parents was good in the same event (racing for example) mean it might have a little better chance than one without. Here the skill level in the specified skill noted can give a bonus point, for example in racing the speed and stamina skill counts, while in dressage its gaits and dressage that counts. (Color/markings will simply be a bonus.)

Each level will give 0.5p in bonus, so in the example with racing again; if one parent is on Level 1 = 0.5 in stamina, and the other is level 2 =1, it means your donkey will get +1.5p in 'pedigree points'. Only the donkeys parents will give points, not grandparents.

Level and skill

You have been gathering some skill of your own right? All those images and text showing your donkeys progress? Time to put that to some use! Each level in the skills needed for that particular competition give you a bonus point (lvl 1 = 0.5p, lvl 2 = 1p, lvl 3 = 1,5p etc max point to get is 5p per skill) that you add together. Most of the time you just need to calculate 2 skill levels but in some there are 3.

For example; Donkey A will enter a racing competition and have the following in the skills that counts for racing; Speed: Level 1 + Gait: Level 2 + Wit: Level 1 = 0.5 + 1 + 0.5 = +2p in LEVEL POINTS

These levels also sort you into classes so things will be as fair as possible. A 'green' donkey shouldn't have to face one that is a pro on the course. See more below (Competition classes - Where do I go).


If you want to see a star - look at me! (Previous show records)

A good competitor deserves to be acknowledged (weather its a superactive one or just casual) so the donkey will get some bonus for the last three placings it has (in the same type of contest it is now entering), for example if you enter a racing competition and you have just won a dressage contest and two 2nd places in jumping you wont get points, but if it is three 3rd places in racing you will. Remember, only the last 3 show results counts. If you never been in the type of contest you are entering before, you don't get any points. These placings need to be linked and confirmed with a resultlist to count. Both Drabardi donkey group contests/shows and 'outsider' (effort and RNG type) competitions are included in this bonus.

  • 1st place: 1.5 p
  • 2nd place: 1 p
  • 3rd place: 0.5 p


How can one be great if you don't train? In other words you can get a little bit of bonus by showing how the donkey have been trained - no matter if its good or bad.

You can make a maximum of 3 training images/texts, they need to be newly made (max 1 month old) and each can only be used once.

Sketches are ok as training images, they don't need to be fully colored/shaded. The background need to have some substance to it and not just blurred colors. You can include up to three donkeys in the same image. The minimum for texts are 200 words per donkey. The image and text can be combined if you want.

Each single training image/text is worth 1p, a combined image/text (wc 200) is therefor worth 2p. You can't however do three of those combos. If you make one image/text combo, the third training piece need to be either only a picture or only a text so it make a total of three.


Experience - the ultimate bonus?

Groupheld tasks as well as competitions in the group will always give your donkey experience, 0.5p per 'event/task' unless otherwise something else noted. Don't forget to write it out in your tracker journal! I wont keep track of it for you! This extra bonus is in other words something you have earned due to how active you have been with your donkey in the group. Experience points can also be received in other ways, but its only group things that will give these type of points.


Competition classes - where do I go?

In the real world you would hardly see a seasoned competitor go against one who is totally new. It is the same thing here. There are different classes you will be entered in to make things as fair as possible (at least I hope they will be), and these classes are made up by combining the donkeys levels in the appropriate skills (see the type of competition you are entering).

For example; Donkey A will enter a racing competition, and have are on the following levels in the skills that counts for racing; Speed: Level 1 + Gait: Level 2 + Wit: Level 1
  • In other words: 1+2+1=4, then you will sign up to Racing Class 4. The lowest class is 2 (since you always start in level 1 in a skill).

So - what really counts?

In short - this is how the show points are calculated

  • Show Picture/text points
  • + family points
  • + level points
  • + previous record (total) points
  • + training points
  • + experience points
  • + bonus points (like tack etc)
  • + luck points

As you can see, most points are awarded for the work you have done yourself (or been gifted) with your donkey. The family part is to perhaps make it fun to not just aim for another donkey with a (hopefully) fun color marking but also in hopes to create a even bigger star than the parents was. Points from tack is also something that is added.

What to include in the artist notes of your entry (picture or text) as well as the show journal comment. *in case there are 3 skills in the class

  • Import link/picture:
  • Donkeys name/reg no:
  • Tracker journal:
  • Competition:
  • Class:
  • Level skill 1/2/3*(=total):
  • Family points:
  • Previous record (total + links): [max 3]
  • Training (total + links): [max 3]
  • Experience:
  • Bonus:
See example.

  • Import link/picture: [import link]
  • Donkeys name/reg no: Jenny S-000
  • Tracker journal: Jenny S-000 Tracker
  • Competition: Racing
  • Class: 3
  • Level skill 1/2/3*(=total): Speed: L1 (0.5p) + Gait: L2 (1p) + Wit: L1 (0.5) = 2p
  • Family points: 0
  • Previous record (total + links): [max 3] n/a
  • Training (total + links): [max 3] Total 2p
  • Image (1p)
  • Text (1p)
  • Experience: n/a
  • Bonus:

SP - Showpoints (the show points are used here to award the picture for the contest)
Show Picture/text points SP*
family points 0p
level points 2p
previous record (total) points 0p
training points 2p
experience points 0p
Bonus points 0p
= 4p

To this you add if your donkey have any other bonuses such as tack or status bonuses etc. I know it looks like confusing and a lot but dont worry, as long as you try and list it as well as you can you dont have to do more. The showholder - most likely me - is the one that does the counting :)

I wanted to do it this way to not only reward the current picture, but also everything else you have done with your donkey, breeding, previous pictures etc etc. Time will tell if I have been a bit...overentusiastic on the whole thing.