Drabardi Island Timeline

This journal is to help you know what time it is on the island. The current year you can see on the Donkeys Deviant Groups frontpage. It is perfectly fine to do "past" roleplays etc. You can't however do "backbreedings" etc.

Time and place should (and possibly who is in the story or is featured) however be noted in the 'artists notes'. All images and literature pieces must be submitted to DeviantArt to count.* This is to create "history" for the characters themselves and hopefully have a easier time locating how your OC moves around and who it interacts with - not to control YOUR gameplay.

* Please do not storage these if you grow bored of your characters, especially if you are doing collabs, just put them in a 'old art' folder. Removing them also removes your partners donkeys history and that isnt so nice. The art/story isnt yours alone. If nothing else, your collaboration partner have all the right in the world to upload the piece fully on their account.


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Year ___, Season
Territory, Location on the Map (as close to it as possible)

Real time and Drabardi Island game time

Since the breed is known for its high age the time is set to be TWO months per game SEASON. That makes a game year eight RL months. (I dont know yet if this is too high of a pace or not...time will tell). It is totally free to do "backstories" etc if you want to.

The first spring rains wakes the land and things starts budding. Foals born in spring get +2LP since their mothers milk will be rich with nutrients.
REAL TIME MONTH: March, April, November, December
IN-GAME SEASON: Spring - Wet - Foal bonus**
Everything is green and in full bloom. Foals born in summer get +1LP, their mothers milk are full of the good stuff and its still enough of food. While its hot there is still enough green to give you cover from it in the middle of the day.
IN-GAME SEASON: Summer - Wet - Foal bonus*
Everything start to get drier. Food are still in plenty but its getting hotter and its not unlikely you have to move around more to find a good source of water.
IN-GAME SEASON: Autumn - Dry
By now most of what grew in spring have withered away. What remains are more coarse food. Its hasnt rained for quite some time and the waterholes have shrunk in size. There might be more quarrels around them, and ranking might come into play when it come to defend or get access to the waterhole.
REAL TIME MONTH: January, February, September, October
IN-GAME SEASON: Winter - Dry

Time Period and Humans

While living in the present day and age (ie meaning there are all kind of modern technology available) those having moved to the Drabardi Island have chosen to live more in tune with the world around them, just as the natives have done ever since their ancestors came to this remote island. This means there are no big fast food restaurants in the larger towns but diners with real cooked meals are present. There are some stores with locally produced food items such as vegetables, eggs and milk but most of what the inhabitants eat are produced by themselves.

Most humans living on Drabardi are farmers and keep semi-large herds of a small native cattle and sheep, either owning the land themselves or they work on others land. At times there are conflicts between the tame domestic and human kept animals and the wild ones. There are however still areas that are safe havens for the wild donkeys.

Mr Hugh Manatee
One human stand out amonst all others however, evil Mr Hugh Manatee, owner of many of the bigger farms on the island and he are only after making a profit - whatever it may be or whoever or whatever he have to step on to get what he wants. Mr Manatee is not below making profits on the black market. He isnt below using his wealth and influence to bring you down either - even if what he says is all lies - so be careful. As long as you are on his side you are safe - but the moment you slip up - you are toast. You dont have much protection against him. He usually hide in his big secured house, mostly using his muscled goons or the internet to make contact with the world outside.

Mr Manatee is the one who is responsible for the roundups (since he is the president of The Bureau of Island Management (BIM)). However, (unknown to most) he dont really care how the donkeys that are to be sold, or adopted on the mainland are treated before being shipped off - as long as they are removed from the lands where his cattle and sheepherd can graze. LUCKILY however most of those handling the donkeys are good, hardworking 'cowboys' and farners that only have to make a living doing something - and Mr Manatee pays well.