Canon Territorys/Herds

In these herds you can find the 'starter' Drabardi donkeys. Lead-jennys in these herds are marked and named as are some of the (roaming) herd-jacks. There are however some herds that are too skittish when people come close so they haven't been as researched or named yet. '2nd jenny' denotes the jenny closest in rank after the lead-jenny. Herdmember count does not include the herd-jack.

It's totally free for PC donkeys to interact or join with any of these NCP herds. The herd-jacks of these canon herds can not be challenged for their position.

The different herds dont call themselves "Herd A" or whatever name the humans have given them. Studies are stil new even if humans have lived close to the donkeys for a very long time. In most cases they are friendly to all of their own kind, even though they view strangers with slight suspicion, especially the jacks. They can tolorate other males as long as they dont meddle with their ladies too much. Most common is however that the three 'smaller' types (Baro, Kalpana and to some extent also Pesha) view Barri with the most suspicion and they are viewed as a traitors due to their close bond with humans.


Territory/Herd A

n/a location.
The biggest known herd. This herd seem to contain mostly consist of 'redbased' members.
Lead-jenny: S-007 Vadoma
2nd jenny: S-006 Lala
Herd-jack: S-001 Maloney

Territory/Herd B

n/a location.
Medium sized herd. This herd seem to contain mostly consist of 'blackbased' members.
Lead-jenny: S-005 Charani
2nd jenny: S-004 Araunya
Herd-jack: S-002 Besnik

Territory/Herd C

n/a location.
The smallest and most recently named and researched herd. This herd seem to contain rather mixed members, and seem to hold the most crosses (between types).
Lead-jenny: S-008 Saga
2nd jenny: Vacant
Herd-jack: S-003 Milosh


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