Home ranges

A home range can vary in size/shape and is not defended as a territory because it is not exclusively used by one herd alone. Donkeys are familiar with their home range and knows exactly where to find particular resources that are available during the different seasons. The groups of jennys, their offspring and a jack favour areas near permanent water and have loose territories, while bachelor groups range more widely.

Herd or harem jacks can defend a small perimeter in the immediate vicinity of their harems, but have no real territorial behavior unless they are in a nutritionally rich environment (Barri and sometimes the Pesha type). Then jacks can be more territorial. Normally the jacks usually tolerate other jacks coming close to the harem or even following it unless a jenny is in heat.

Playermade home ranges & herds

Create a home range

If you like you can create a home range where your group of donkeys usually hang out. It might be a especially good place that you also can describe as you like (within reason). However, you need certain things;
- a dominant jenny or jack over four years of age.
- one four-leafed clover (found by doing roamings), since there takes a bit of luck to find a place that isn't occupied.
Reached the level of Dominant+
- if you reached this far you are probably strong enough to drive "RNG-donkeys" away from the area you want.

Fill in the below form and send it in as a deviant NOTE to the group (mark it 'Home range application').

Home range leader's name (link to import)
Estimated homebase range location (Territory, area) Feel free to describe if you like.
Link to where the fourleafed clover was found: (link to the roaming comment)

Even if the different type of Drabardi donkey can live/wander all over the island, the different types are best adapted to the territories named after them. A Barri-type donkey would have for example a hard time surviving in the Kalpana territory. It would also have a hard time in the Pesha territory both due to the distance and the islands weather and access to forage.

Create a herd

If you want to want to create a herd at the same time, include these as well

Herd Summary (basic information about the wanted herd, 100-200 wc)
Link to Herd journal/group

Click HERE to see list current player home ranges, herds and the leaders.