It's common for the HARPG Drabardi to have some sort of career, either as a competitor or "just" as a companion. Here are some things you can do to train your donkey in either category once it perhaps finished the ground training with the EQUIbreak group. The more you work with it the more responsive the donkey will be. It is truly an achievement to have a well trained ass no matter what your long goal with your donkey is. There is no must in doing these at all but it will earn you extra LP as well as giving you some Drabardi dollar and other perks if you finish the tasks. Obviously all of the achievements that you do complete need to be linked to in your donkeys tracker/record journal to be able to be counted (and awarded with D$ - use link). So what about the different careers your HARPG donkey can have?

Drawing or writing?

That is totally up to you! What you have to do as well what the minimum on art/literature is stated with the task. Each piece should clearly have in the artists notes the donkeys name and import link, tracker journal, what task-level it is etc, ie for example

Donkey: (link to import image)
Tracker journal: (link)
Class: Task - Level

Donkey: Bobbo 16-003
Tracker journal: Bobbo 16-003 Tracker journal
Class: Dressage - Intermediate


To win is everything, to lose...well, that is not even an option! This Drabardi is bred, raised, and trained to be a star competitor. Everything about it, the bloodline, it's stats and overall genetics are important! To be just average is not good enough! If you want a longear in the showring that counts - well then this is the longear from you my ready to dazzle the world with some sparkle and 'piz-ass'! Are you more interested in entering shows, breeding for stats, bloodline and color, rather than just mosey around like a sloth - then the Competitor life is for you! To be at the front you will focus on training and competing in one or more types of activities and then breeding your best Drabardis to create the best of the best. This option of game play does require some work and effort.


This Drabardi have a relaxing life compared to the Competitor. No stress about hard everyday training at all! At most perhaps preforming a cute trick or just looking pretty being covered in ribbons and bows. Another route can be to be in the center of attention being admired. However they often have an important task still but not one in the direct spotlight. They can for example be the companion for the competitor weather it's another (better) Drabardi or a horse. They can serve as a companion for humans that need some cheering up or simply be somebody's long eared best buddy or guide.

To pick this option mean you care less about (active) competitions and just want to focus on your handler and their Drabardi(s)/other equines, and their adventures together. This side of the game play are much more relaxed and less intensive. Your breeding goal isn't so much about stats or bloodline, but leans perhaps a little more towards a cool color if you want to show your cutiepie in halter shows.